My Summer Wishlist

Let’s just say that the Instagram “saved” feature has not helped my shopping addiction one bit. Basically about a year ago Instagram created a “saved” feature where you can save photos you like an categorize them. Of course, I have a “want” category on my Instagram account, where I basically save everything that I want to buy but can’t afford at the moment. Down below I’ll show you guys some of my favorite fashion items I have in my saved!

1.) @hellobeautifulusa undies

As I get older I realize having a good/cute pair of underwear is very important! Hello Beautiful recently did a collaboration with Opening Ceremony and I’m obsessed to say the least. I will definitely be ordering these and the matching bra when I get back to the states.

2.) @realistationpar dress

One of my favorite brands for summer dresses! I’m in love with this print on this dress. It kind of reminds me of a dress I use to dress my Barbies’ in when I was younger. I will definitely be ordering this soon. Also the material of the dress looks amazing, I’m not sure if you can see it from the picture but it’s a stiffer material.

3.) @hvisk bag

Recently I went to Copenhagen (aka city of the most amazing fashion brands EVER) and discovered this brand! Literally everything on their website is extremely affordable and so colorful. I will definitely be ordering this bag (except I want the bubble gum pink one) soon.

4.) @_anni_lu_ necklace

Another Denmark brand that I’m in love with. When I went to Copenhagen I bought one of her bracelets but for this summer I want to purchase one of her fun necklaces! I’ve been seeing so many girls on Instagram styling her jewelry in such cool ways, so I’m excited to get one and style it.

5.) @hunza.g one piece bathing suit

I already have a bathing suit from this brand and it’s my favorite one I have ever owned. The material is so interesting (in a good way) and such nice quality. I love this one shoulder look that is trending right now, so this bathing suit is everything to me. I’ll probably get it in a different color way though, just because of my skin tone.

Anyways, I hope after you read this post you don’t feel inspired to max out your credit card lol. The Instagram “saved” feature is dangerous because it’s basically one giant wishlist BUT the good part is…. it stops impulsive purchasing! I hope you enjoyed my summer wish list and feel inspired by all the new trends this season.


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