What I’ll be wearing this Spring

Well April is approaching us and that means we need to get our Spring closets together! Warmer weather means cute dresses and fun sandals. Down below I’m going to chat with you guys about what I’ll be wearing this spring (aka my favorite trends happening this spring).

1.) fun sandals

(Photo from @lisasaysgah)

As you can see from the photo above, I am obsessed with colorful fun vintage sandals for the spring. Lisa says gah has a ton of fun sandals and so does the website “by far”. These sandals can definitely be on the pricier side so if your looking for a cheaper sandal try looking in a vintage shop especially Beacons Closet if you live in NYC.

2.) Sporty Looks

(Photo from @emilyoberg)

I 100% support the whole 80’s workout outfit trend. I’m so happy biker shorts are a trend this season. I already purchased a simple black pair and a leopard print pair from Urban Outfitters. I’m excited to style them with baggy t shirts or even fun crop tops. Also, scrunchies are everything in the warmer seasons, especially if you live in NYC in the summer/spring and it’s basically unbearable to have your hair down.

3.) Vintage Sneakers

(Photo from @emilyoberg)

I have been loving vintage sneakers lately. I know some people are very opposed to wearing used sneakers but it personally doesn’t bother me. Right now I’m studying abroad in Italy and the vintage stores here have the BEST sneakers. Pifebo vintage here has the most amazing selection of vintage new balances and Nike’s. Also, Depop and Heroine have a lot of vintage sneakers. Throwing on a cute dress in the spring with a pair of vintage sneakers and white socks is the perfect look.

4.) Short Tennis/School girl skirts

(Photo from @stylemefresh)

I have still yet to buy a skirt like this but I am on the hunt for one! Literally in love with this whole outfit pictured above. I think a tennis styled skirt with a baggy t shirt tucked in is such a cool look.

5.) Vintage Purses

(Photo from @matildajerf)

Why wouldn’t I include this in here? Of course I had to add vintage purses to the list. Stores like depop, Etsy, Heroine, the Vintage Bar, and many other little websites have an amazing selection of purses. Before buying a vintage purse make sure you compare with other websites to make sure you aren’t getting ripped off! Right now I’m really wanting a bubble pink Prada nylon bag.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this little list of some of the things I’ll be wearing this Spring. I’m super excited.


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