European Vintage

Of course I was going to have to write this blog post sooner or later! As you know I’m studying abroad in Rome and I’ve been traveling mostly every weekend to different places in Europe and the United Kingdom. One thing I realized is that the vintage shopping is 1,000 times better in Europe vs the United States. I don’t even think I can ever look at vintage shopping the same after being in Europe. Everything is so much cheaper and there is just overall way better stuff! Down below I’m going to dissect Europe vintage shopping for you and tell you all the places you have to go!


Pifebo Vintage: This is def the best vintage store in all of Rome. They have 3 different locations but there best location is probably their main store located a little further out of the center of Rome. If you’re looking for colorful sneakers or vintage Ralph Lauren.. this is the spot!

Twice Vintage: Super tiny store that is filled with good designer vintage pieces that are priced fairly well. My best friend got a vintage nylon prada bag there for 100 euros so I would say they have pretty good gems!

King Size Vintage: Super pricey store but if you’re looking for a designer bag come here (or just anything designer in general).

~Ok I need to find the name my favorite vintage shop located in old trastevere but I can’t find the name of the actual store anywhere! Basically it’s the cutest little store with such good clothes and the best prices! Little Italian old ladies own it and they smoke cigarettes in the back of the shop (HOW cute).


Vintage market: If you go to London this is 100% a must. It’s basically a HUGE basement of vintage clothes from all different vendors. Personally, I thought it was a bit overpriced but the selection of clothes at the vintage market was amazing.

Serotonin: Super tiny shop with great designer pieces.

~Ok I didn’t write the name down of the rest of the stores I went into but all around Serotonin Vintage is about 100 other vintage stores. If you’re in that area take the time to walk through the streets and go in the different shops!


Flamingos Kilo Shop: Actually one of my favorite vintage shops I’ve been to in Europe. I love the Flamingo Vintage stores in NYC… so I was excited to go here. I got some of the best clothes here for SO cheap.

(Pictured at Flamingo’s Vintage)

~Other then Flamingos I didn’t love Barcelona’s vintage selection mostly because I thought it was overpriced!


Kilo Shops: When I went to Paris my best friend took me in like 5 Kilo Shops and I got some of the best clothes! They basically weigh your clothes and you pay based on how heavy it is. They also had 1 Euro bins which was amazing.

Come on Eileen: A good store if you’re looking for designer vintage! Personally I thought the store was super super messy but if you look through their stuff I’m sure you’ll find some gems.

Thanx God I’m a VIP (weird name and spelling): Again a good store if you’re looking for designer vintage pieces!

Paris Flea Market: I went here on a Sunday and it was AMAZING! I am moving into my own apartment in Brooklyn when I get back to NYC and I’m super excited to decorate it myself, so I’ve been buying art pieces for it. I found the best vintage magazines and art work at this market.

(Pictured is the Paris Flea Market)

~Overall I actually loved the vintage stores in Paris. I totally recommend checking out all the different Kilo shops because you can get great things at an affordable price!

Budapest: I actually just got back from Budapest and only got to go in 1 vintage store while I was there. BUT they do have a ton of vintage shops and good little markets. I got a vintage gold watch for 15 Euros at a stand in a market!

Vienna: Not too much vintage shopping here but I did stumble upon this random vintage shop and got a blue Prada nylon pouch! I forget the name because I literally just randomly stumbled upon it.

Overall my favorite cities that have the best vintage is probably Rome (which is dangerous because that’s where I’m living) and Paris! To me, good vintage means that it’s unique but most importantly CHEAP!

Well… I Hope you enjoyed my list of my favorite stores I shopped in so far. Stay tuned for another list soon.


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