London Favorites

If you guys didn’t know, I am studying in Rome for the next few months. This past weekend I got to visit London for the first time in my life and I am obsessed. I went to a lot of good places and got to see so much of London in just 4 days. Down below I’m going to list my favorite shops I visited and places I ate at.

1.) Vintage:

(Pictured is Brick Lane Vintage Market)

– Brick Lane Vintage Market: Ok if you are looking for SERIOUS vintage come here. Basically it’s a huge basement of vintage clothes and different vendors. This place is literally vintage heaven! BUT I must warn you to come with a thick wallet because it’s very expensive (sadly).

-Serotonin: This store was very tiny but had many designer gem pieces! If you’re looking for a Dior or Versace top.. def come here.

Basically after those stores I went in about 5 more vintage stores on that street in Shoreditch. Thankfully all the vintage shops are literally right next to each other so it’s really easy to shop around.

2.) Food:

(Pictured is Sketch)

-26 grains: This place is perfect for breakfast. If you love oatmeal and oatmilk lattes… this place is for you. I got the butter and apple oatmeal and it was AMAZING!

-Farm girl: The most photogenic and delicious meal ever. I got the sunny oats and berry pancakes that were sooo so good. This place is a perfect healthy option for breakfast in London.

(Pictured is Farm Girl)

-Farmacy: I ate at Farmacy for breakfast and it was soooo good. Everything is vegan and all natural on the menu. I got avocado toast, an oatmilk latte, and a chocolate smoothie.

-Sketch: I feel like sketch is a must if you visit London. It’s just as cool in person or even cooler than the pictures I have seen. Although I have to say… it’s so overpriced so be prepared to spend a lot of $$$!

Glow Bar: Such a good coffee place that has all natural lattes with a ton of good vitamins in them. Also they sell beauty products which is super cute.

3.) Other Stores:

-Sister Jane: Such a cute clothing store next to Farm Girl in Notting Hill. They have cute frilly clothes. I ended up getting a little yellow dress.

(Pictured is the Sister Jane dress)

Primark and Monki: Even though I am NOT a person that supports or usually wears fast fashion.. I have to say these stores had some pretty good hidden gems. Primark is a little too fast fashion for me but I did find some good Pajama sets that were SO cheap. Also Monki is super cute for statement pieces. I ended up getting a blue plaid coat from Monki.

Overall I enjoyed London so much. They have amazing food, scenery, and vintage stores. I definitely plan on going back soon.

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