My Coat Obsession.

The first step is admitting that you have a problem right? Well I guess I can come clean and say I have an obsession with buying vintage coats. After spending 3 brutal Winters in New York, I realized the key to a cute Winter outfit is all about what jacket you have on. I use to be that girl that would go ham on my winter wardrobe with thick sweaters, turtlenecks, etc (they are still all SO important) but I was forgetting the most important clothing article of all, Winter coats! Down below I’m going to show you guys all the Winter coats I’ve been wearing this season and show you wear to buy these funky coats!

1.) Cherry Red Coat (Flamingos Vintage, Lower East Side)


This is one my favorite coats I bought this season mostly because of the color and that it was SO cheap. Flamingos Vintage is paid by the pound so a lot of their clothes are extremely affordable. This jacket I love because it’s perfect for during the day but it also looks so cute at night with some heels. I totally recommend you guys to check out Flamingos… especially if you’re in the market for a good fur coat (fake fur or real if you’re into that).

2.) Karl Lagerfeld Neon Pink Coat  (Beacon’s Closet, East Village)


Warning.. this coat is a lot brighter in person and this picture totally does not show how bright of a pink this coat is. I got this at Beacons Closet in the East Village. I wore this coat so much in the Fall time and it’s the perfect mix between a blazer and a heavy coat.

3.) Burberry Trench Coat (General Front Store, Dumbo)


My best find this season because I’ve been wanting to thrift a Burberry Trench for the longest time.  This coat is completely timeless and can be thrown on with anything. This sounds so dumb but I literally feel so sophisticated whenever I wear this. Totally check out the General Front Store for a ton of good vintage designer pieces.

4.) Green Plaid Jacket with Neon Pink Lining (Urban Outfitters)


When I saw this coat I literally fell in love. You can’t see in this picture but the lining of this jacket is neon pink which is so cool to me. I totally support wearing a ton of color this season so this coat is perfect.

5.) Lavender Coat  (Fluer du Mal)


The material of this coat is everything. Also, belted coats are amazing because they actually give you a figure and don’t make you look like a giant marshmallow (a.k.a how I look in every other coat I own).

6.) Classic Black Coat (Beacons Closet)


You can never go wrong with a classic black coat especially if it’s crushed velvet! My friend Cami actually gave me this coat and she thrifted it from Beacon’s Closet. I have to say this is my most worn coat because it matches with everything!

Well those are actually just SOME (yes.. I have more shamefully) of my favorite coats I am wearing this winter. If you are wondering where to buy coats that are affordable and cute check out Beacons Closet, Awoke Vintage, Flamingos, I am That, and Depop!