Instagram or Art?

Instagram is no longer just a social media channel to show people what you are up to and to brag about the latest vacation you have been on. Now people are turning their Instagram’s into what I would like to call, “a work of art”. I follow so many Bloggers on Instagram that seamlessly have the dreamiest feeds. Posting pictures of vintage cars, beautiful flowers, and peachy sunsets. Although, it did take me awhile to find the best of the best on Instagram. Down below I am going to list my current favorite Instagramers.

1.) @Matildajerf

FullSizeRender 126.jpg

She is straight from Sweden and probably the sweetest blogger I follow on Instagram. Not only does she have the dreamiest feed but she also is a complete sweetheart. She is constantly talking about mental health and self love, which most bloggers don’t always talk about. Her feed looks like a Summer dream!

2.) @Josefinehj

FullSizeRender 130.jpg

If you’re into vintage cars, pretty sunsets, and vintage fashion.. you have to follow Josefine. She will forever be one of my fashion muses!

3.) @Alwaysjudging

FullSizeRender 128.jpg

Not only is Courtney aka “always judging” an LA beauty queen but she is also hysterical. She always pairs vintage with high end designer brands and does it perfectly. Also, she has an amazing Depop where she sells all her clothes online.

4.) @mvb

FullSizeRender 127.jpg

Of course I had to throw in an NYC blogger! Most people think of New Yorkers as always dressing in black and mostly leather, but mvb proves everyone wrong. She dresses super bright, simple, and chic. Like @alwaysjudging, Mvb is always mixing high end designer brands with vintage.

Well these are just some of my favorite Instagramers that I love to gather inspiration from. Stay tuned for more posts.

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