My Top Favorite Brands Right Now

Thanks to Instagram, I now obsess over a different brand every other day. I follow about 900 accounts on Instagram and about 800 of them are fashion brands. I use to be the type of person that only shopped at a total of three stores but now I shop at a variety of different online boutiques and vintage stores in the city. Down below I’m going to list a few of my new favorites.

1.) For Love and Lemons

Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 12.14.18 AM.pngFor Love and Lemons has been my favorite brand for quite awhile now. All their pieces are so unique and fun. They recently just launched their Fall collection and it’s to die for.

2.) Love Shack FancyScreen Shot 2018-08-14 at 12.16.37 AM.png

OK… this is literally me in a brand. If I could describe Love Shack Fancy in twos words it would be prairie chic. I recently visited their store in Sag Harbor and it was a total dream. The whole store was covered in flowers, ruffles, and antiques. They also recently launched a new collection so you have to check them out.

3.) Reformation

Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 12.20.49 AM.png

Well I know this isn’t a shocker to anyone because lately I’ve been wearing so much Reformation. I love this brand because it’s so simple yet so feminine and chic. Also, it’s a sustainable brand which is a HUGE plus. I know they have a crazy sale going on right now where everything is 40-50% off on their summer clothes.

4.) Awoke Vintage Brooklyn

FullSizeRender 121.jpg

Of course I had to add a Vintage shop in this list! I came across Awoke Vintage about a year ago and I became obsessed. They have everything from sunglasses to amazing jeans. My favorite part about the store is their jewelry. They have the best earring selection ever, so if your looking for some vintage earrings come here for sure.

Well that concludes my list of my favorite shops for this month. Pretty soon I’m going to add some blog posts about the upcoming season.. FALL! Even though I love summer, I’m so excited to start layering again. Stay tuned for more posts.

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