Decorating on a Budget

About a few months ago I moved into a new apartment in downtown Manhattan. I’ve been wanting to decorate my place so badly but I have to say patience is key when it comes to decorating because everything is so expensive. Stores like Urban Outfitters, CB2, and West Elm are amazing for finding trendy decor BUT they are so expensive for a young person like myself. I have definitely found ways around decorating that are still trendy and affordable.

If you are into antiques than Mother of Junk in Williamsburg (NYC) is for you! First off, you have to like to digging through stuff because the store is a total mess. There are so many hidden gems in this store it’s insane! If you are looking for unique drinking glasses and pretty vases… this is a place you must visit! Everything is dirt cheap and it is perfect if you are shopping on a budget.

FullSizeRender 122.jpg

Here is a picture of just some of the many vases/cups they have at Mother of Junk. It’s definitely worth checking out if you are in the area.

If you are looking for cool furniture that you can’t find on a website like Urban Outfitters or West Elm, than you must stop by Dobbin St Co Op in Brooklyn. They have a few stores scattered through out Brooklyn and they also have a website/Instagram. This store is pricer than Mother of Junk but the quality of their furniture and decorations is a lot better. Every time I go in there I leave with something unique. I went in last week and scored the cutest light pink tin cans for my coffee and tea. img_3704.jpgFullSizeRender 123.jpg

Also, I know buying art can be extremely expensive so online stores like Society 6, Etsy, and Urban Outfitters have great prints that aren’t too expensive. I love Society 6 because they have such a wide range of artists on their website and everything is priced very fair.

Overall, Vintage shopping is key if you are shopping on a budget for your apartment or home. I think it’s nice to mix high end decor with cheap vintage decorations to not completely break your bank. Also, if you haven’t read my blog post, “My top 5 favorite Vintage Home Decor Shops in NYC”.. than you must check it out because it correlates perfectly with this blog post.


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