Shooting with film

Ok so I am 100% not an expert on anything with photography but I do have a film camera and I do LOVE it! This past year I was on the hunt for a new camera. After a lot of research I came across the Canon Ae1 camera. I knew it would be a challenge to use at first because prior to me getting this camera, I literally knew nothing about film photography. My best friend actually had his grandma’s old canon Ae1 and he ended up gifting it to me since he didn’t use it!

It basically took me a few months to fully grasp how to use this camera correctly. Now, I finally know how to use it and found several good spots in the city to get my negatives developed. Since I now live downtown I go to a place on Elizabeth street in Chinatown and they do a perfect job.

This past year I took my film camera everywhere with me. It’s been to West Palm Beach, Miami, San Francisco, Big Sur and Italy.

West Palm Beach:

Note: This was the first time I ever used my camera!


San Fransisco and Big Sur:


Italy (Sorrento, Capri, Positano):

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