Flowers and Frills

Summer is supposed to be filled with sunsets, long days at the beach, flower fields, and of course…. cute outfits. When I think of the perfect summer outfit, I dream of frills, florals, and neutrals. You will never catch me wearing anything with the color black nor anything boring. June, July, and August are my favorite months of out of the entire year!

Recently in the past year I came across the brand called “Love Shack Fancy”. Their clothes look like a prairie dream. Everyone of their pieces is covered in florals and frills. Also, mostly everything on their site is lavender, rose pink, and cream… which are my favorites. If you don’t follow them on Instagram, you must! They will give you all the updates about their new collection and you get to stay updated on their new store in Sag Harbor.

This outfit I’m wearing in the flower field is from Love Shack Fancy, of course! I paired this light blue frilly romper with black Steve Madden platforms to make the outfit more edgy and a black vintage purse. Also, I wore a silver heart locket to spice up the look.

I’m trying to adventure to as many flower fields as I possibly can this summer so send me over some if you know of any. It feels so nice to be away from the city and actually in a place with nature. Just trying to take it all in and appreciate it before I go back next week.


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