Don’t be so hard on yourself

Not being tough on yourself is a LOT easier said than done. As humans basically when we are born it is programmed in our minds that we have to be successful and that is all that we strive for. BUT I would actually like to disagree with that because it’s completely unhealthy to do so. Yes we all want success but it is unhealthy to program that in our minds everyday. At least for me being the way I am, always having success on my mind can be completely diminishing. If you are doing what you love , happy, and are comfortable with yourself/life than success comes. You can’t be successful if you are unhappy.

Down below I’m gonna to discuss several topics of “not being so hard on yourself”.

1.) Humans are afraid of the word “Average”:

Well why is it that no one wants to be average? Currently I’m reading a book called “The Subtle art of not giving a fuck” and it talks about how humans are never ok with being average. On social media and the news we are never seeing anything “average”.. it’s either extremely sad or phenomenally great. No one ever photographs their average day on Instagram so now a days humans are constantly comparing themselves to an unrealistic standard when in reality most of us are just average and there is nothing wrong with that! Since we are so afraid of being average humans are constantly thinking about success which just creates a downward spiral (at least for some people). Just be ok with where you’re at in life!

2.) Everyone has their own clock:

Where I go to school it’s soo easy to compare yourself to other people’s successes. (Actually my friend Mia Freda recently touched on this in her new YouTube video also). It’s something that I know most people deal with but I recently saw a quote that really helped me. Every single person in the world has their own unique clock inside of them and are going at the pace of their individual clock. You may look at someone and see that they have a great internship, a hot boyfriend, or have a ton of money but maybe it just isn’t your time to have that. Just truly trust that your life is working in your favor and according to your own clock.

3.) It’s ok to take a break or leave things behind:

This can mean many different things to many different people but if you feel that your body needs a break than TAKE one. This can mean quitting something that you hate, not being friends with someone who drains you or selfishly taking the day off of work to relax. Whatever your body needs you should listen to it.

Overall, this blog post is all over the place but these are just somethings to think about when your life is getting tough or you feel like you need to lighten up. It’s so easy to stress out and sometimes it takes even more work to relax and be happy but in the end it’s truly worth it.

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