Northern California Looks

Well I literally haven’t been on here for ages! Lately I’ve been so busy with school and work, that I haven’t had a free day in months. I wish I was lying but that is the truth. I’ve been wanting to write but my life has completely got in the way. Finally things are winding down for me and I’m trying to find more time for myself now so I’m going to start making blog posts again. These past few months have been crazy with school, work, my personal life, and traveling.

A few months ago I went to Northern California. I visited San Fran and Big Sur, which was a total dream. I’m completely obsessed with California but before this trip I have only ever been to Southern California so this was new for me. During this trip we did some hiking, road trips, went to some cool places to eat, and shopped. Down below I’m going to show you some of my favorite outfits I wore in California.

ALSO… I changed the name of my blog!

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