It’s ok to change

I’ve been meaning to write this blog post for actually awhile now but these past few months I’ve had a lot of change going on in my life. I think for anyone that goes through change or wants to change it’s because they are unsatisfied with some part of their life. Although, it’s not as easy as it seems because it actually took me awhile to realize that somethings I was doing in my life I didn’t love anymore. I think I mentioned a lot of this in a blog post a few months ago but basically I went through a lot of changes socially, personally, with school, and my personal style. Down below I’m going to give you some tips on change because I know at first I didn’t know how to deal with it.

1.) School/Major: As you guys know I study Fashion business management at FIT and I have to say it took me awhile to realize that I actually hated what I was doing at school. I realized that in a lot of my classes it was super hard for me to pay attention and nothing seemed all that interesting to me. It was a huge shocker because I’ve always wanted to be in Fashion and the fact that I didn’t like my major was like a slap in the face! I decided to take action and now I switched my major to Advertising, Marketing Communications. My advice to you is that if your feeling unsatisfied with school don’t be afraid to change your major!

2.) Style/wardrobe: Ok I have to say this is a HUGE one for me. Recently over these past few months I’ve noticed a huge change and switch in what I like to wear. I use to dress really boho and wear extremely loose fitting clothes, and let’s just say that really isn’t my taste anymore. I’ve dressed boho for sooo long so it’s so weird that I honestly don’t like dressing that way anymore. Now I love dressing way more minimalistic and retro. It’s still so hard for me because a lot of my clothes are still really boho so it’s def going to take awhile to transition wardrobes. My advice to anyone that is going through the same thing as me or just simply wants to change their personal style… don’t be afraid! Follow your fashion muse’s on Instagram and find your favorite stores to shop at. Also, be patient… it’s going to take AWHILE to change your wardrobe.

3.) Social Settings/partying: This was 100% the first sign of my whole “change”! I use to love partying and would take any chance I could get to go out. Now I’m literally the complete opposite and if anything my friends have to drag me to go out. This was so weird to me because if anyone personally knows me they know that I use to always love to go out. For anyone that is realizing that they seem unsatisfied in their social life.. take a step back an analyze what the problem is. Is it your friends (that wasn’t the problem for me but sometimes it is for others) or do you simply just not like to party? If that’s the case just give yourself a break and don’t go out for a few weeks and see how you feel. At least that’s what I did and I realized I needed to change what I did socially!

Anyways, I hope this helped for anyone who feels that they want to change or are feeling themselves change. It’s a super natural part of just growing up and it’s always good to be aware of it.

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