Best Vintage Home Decor Shops in NYC

If you guys didn’t know.. I’m sooo obsessed with decorating and love shopping for vintage home decor. I 100% get this from my mom because our whole house in NJ is covered with antiques. I’m so fortunate to live in New York City because they have some of the most unique little vintage home decor shops. Down below I’ll show you guys my top 3 favorite ones!

1.) Dobbin St. Co-op

This was one of my first vintage home stores I found in NYC and I’m completely in love with it. They have two locations in Brooklyn and every time I go in they have new exciting decor. Everything in their store has a 70s vibe to it. PS: they also have clothes, shoes, and amazing jewelry.

2.) Odd Eye

The name of the store totally speaks for itself! This store is so weird yet so amazing. I recently went into their store (located in the East Village) and got the cutest little pink mod vase that is pictured above in the banner. If your ever downtown I would def stop by and check them out.

3.) Feng Sway

This store is seriously so beautiful and also Instagram worthy! They have an amazing plant wall when you first walk into the shop and super cool vintage pieces. This store is a bit more expensive but def worth going to. Many of my friends have also bought vintage clothes from this store too.

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