The funky earring trend

If you follow fashion bloggers on Instagram or just simply keep up with your favorite brands… you’ve probably have been seeing so many quirky earrings! Stores like Free People, cult Gaia, awoke Vintage, Urban Outfitters, and verge girl have so many funky earrings right now. I’m soooo about this trend because the perfect fun pair of earrings can complete a simple look. Down below I’ll show you some of my favorite earrings that I want or have!

1.) I own these earrings actually and I’m obsessed with the color of them. These are from Free People.

2.) All of these rad earrings are from a store in Brooklyn called Awoke Vintage. They have the best selection of earrings for only 16 dollars! I recently just bought a pair of white marble hoops from them and silver face earrings (pictured in the blog post).

3.) I recently discovered this brand and I am obsessed! These earrings are from Cult Gaia. They are a bit on the expensive side but I would 100% check out their website and Instagram if you’re into interesting accessories.

4.) These cutie gold earrings are from Verge girl and they are so reasonably priced. If you’re looking for a California/beachy vibe clothing store, check out Verge girl.

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