Corduroy crush

As you guys know from all my outfit pictures on my blog, Instagram, and Instagram stories… I’m obsessed with anything corduroy. Literally 40% of my closet is corduroy and I’m not sad about it. It’s so easy to style and gives off such a retro vibe. Stores like Free People, Reformation, vintage shops, and Urban Outfitters have a ton of cute corduroy pieces that I’m going to show below. Also, a lot of these pieces I’m about to show I own!

My favorite corduroy picks:

1.) This is from Urban Outfitters and I actually just bought it today. I think this is going to look so cute with a simple plain top maybe from Reformation or a cute graphic t shirt.

2.) This hat is from Free People and I’m obsessed with it. I don’t own this hat myself but I totally admire all the detailing on it and especially the color.

3.) These baby blue pants are from Urban Outfitters and I own them myself. At first when I bought them I wasn’t crazy about them but now I wear them all the time. These pants you can dress up or dress them down. Sometimes I’ll pair a graphic t shirt with them or a simple sweater.

4.) These amazing pants are from Reformation and I wish I owned them! Reformation has an amazing corduroy selection on their website. It’s a bit pricey but their stuff is such good quality.

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