Take time to breath

Living in NYC or just being in college can get pretty hectic sometimes. Having an internship, working a retail job, being in a club, and going to school all at the same time is very hard to manage. As college students we are expected “to do it all” and it can get very overwhelming. I realized that it’s sooo important to find time out of the week to do what you love… otherwise life is just going to get pretty dull. I get that it’s super important to have goals, make money, and overall just work super hard… but if your not happy while accomplishing all those goals.. do they even matter? For me, coffee shops are my total “go-to” when I’m feeling super overwhelmed and stressed out. Something about an ice coffee and a quiet cute cafe puts me in a good mood. This just doesn’t apply to college students, it applies to everyone… take time out of your week to just simply breath and relax!

Since I love coffee shops so much, pretty soon I am going to write a blog post about my favorite coffee shops in NYC. Stay tuned!

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  1. Thriftedluxe.com

    Agreed. We also have a ton of roles to fill. Arguably, the student who goes away to college rather than stays locally has the added stressors of keeping those familial relationships healthy as well. God forbid you join a band or a club. 😖


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