Staying fresh for the Spring

A true fashionista loves to shop way way way ahead for their wardrobes each season. I have a few trips planned this spring so I’ve totally been scoping out my favorite stores to see what they have for the spring. I’m totally tempted to buy everything right now because all of it is sooo cute and there are so many trends that I just adore right now. I think this spring I’m going to go for a “retro chic” look while still looking simple and fresh. Down below I’m going to talk about my favorite trends I love for this spring!

1.) The color “Gold”: lately I’ve been seeing this color everywhere and I absolutely am obsessed with it. Free People has sooo much of it right now and I want to sadly buy it all. 2.) Basket purses: this was a huge trend towards the end of the summer and I’m totally going to bring it back this spring. Stores like Verge girl have the most perfect little basket bags. 3.) polkadots: I’ve been seeing so much of this lately whether it’s on Free People, reformation, or a vintage shop… it’s everywhere! If you want to look retro and chic this is the perfect pattern for you. 4.) simple: simple can be a trend? What? Yes yes yes… for me simple is a trend that I’m going to be bringing with me this spring season. I use to be super super Boho but I realized these past few months that I actually enjoy dressing way more simplistic and retro. That’s why I’m so drawn to stores like reformation and even still Free People because a lot of their clothes are retro and simple.

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