The Modern Day Go-Go Boot

Are Go-Go boots coming back in style? Well if you ask me I’m totally going to say.. YES. Recently I’ve been seeing these shiny booties everywhere in a various assortment of colors. I finally splurged and bought myself a pair of off white colored booties from Urban Outfitters. Personally, this whole “retro” look that has been going on for the past year is amazing. I love how brands like urban outfitters are making their clothes more fun and of course, funkier.  I’m finding my Go-Go boots to be extremely versatile and easy to wear. I’ve been pairing them with vintage denim, dresses, and my flared Free People jeans. Overall, I’m totally digging this whole modern day Go-Go boot trend and definitely want to see it stick around for a bit.  

I went on Pinterest after I bought my shoes and found such interesting fashion inspiration. This is one of my favorite things to do because look how fun these outfits are! I can picture like 100 funky outfit ideas by just looking at these three pictures. 

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