Are you doing what you love?

Every single morning on my early commute to school I’m surrounded by business men and women. They all seem to  mesh together with their black suits and dull facial expressions on the subway. Then there is me of course, probably wearing a ridiculous outfit for an early morning commute and sticking out like sore thumb. I started getting bothered more and more every single morning but it got me thinking more and more. Are people actually doing what they love? If you made a list of all the things that you hate and love in your life… which list would be longer? When I came to this epiphany it completely scared me… especially for a young professional like myself trying to figure out what I even wanna do. It started freaking me out and I started wondering how many adults claim that they hate their job. Well not even adults.. young professionals like myself in their 20’s. New York City is filled with so many opportunities and elite jobs but to me that all doesn’t matter if you hate what you’re doing. People spend so much money going to college, waste so much time learning things they don’t even like and then end up hating their jobs. What’s the point though? Is it for money, just settling to be average, or are people actually afraid to do what they love? There are so many questions for this but not enough answers.

Not saying that every young professional is doing what they hate, there are so many that love what they do and I completely admire them. I just think the ones that look miserable  stand out to me or I at least think it’s interesting. This whole question “Are you doing what you love?” can really get you thinking. I even made a list of my own things I do on a daily basis that I hate and love. My “hate” list ended up being a lot longer than I thought. Not saying that I “hate” a lot of things in my life but I realized that I don’t enjoy them as much as I thought. I think it’s important for young professionals like myself to really ask themselves what they love and I think everything else will go smoothly. It will help you decide what you wanna do in school, aid you with applying to internships, and let you be confident with what you actually love to do. If you have a passion for something you should pursue it and everything else will fall into place.



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