October Inspiration

Bell-bottom jeans, retro dresses, tiny flower prints, and little gold necklaces have been my new go-to for the past few weeks. New York City is the hub of amazing vintage stores where you can find anything 70’s inspired. I have been obsessed with Pinterest lately and love grabbing inspiration from there. Suede skirts, textured pants, wooden heeled shoes, little braids, and tiny necklaces have been my thing lately. I’m totally bringing this vibe into October! If you’re not into vintage shopping…websites like Free People, Verge Girl, and Revolve have tons of amazing stuff.

I found these pictures off of Pinterest and seriously fell in love. If you ever are having a “style block” Pinterest can completely save you. All the different tones of pink, layering, and that chic 70’s look is what I have been obsessing over and I saw it all over Pinterest. Also, Instagram has the amazing new save feature where you can save pictures into a collection. I have a few collections on my Instagram where I save pictures of outfits that inspire me.

All of these outfits I pulled from Freepeople.com and my shopping cart, of course. I completely admire the colorful corduroys and cute clogs. Check out FP if  your into this whole 70’s vibe.

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