Stay inspired 

The word “inspiration” can mean so many different things to everyone. It can mean scrolling through Instagram and finding an outfit that you like, admiring other people’s lives, creating goals for yourself.. etc.  Staying inspired is so important to me, it’s so easy to forget everything and loose that spark in your life. For me, I am constantly scrolling through Instagram and using the “save” feature to collect any inspiration I find on Instagram. It can be food places I save, pictures I like, or outfits that I think are cool. This feature is amazing because you don’t have to screenshot pictures anymore! Next, I love cutting out magazines of outfits that inspire me. It’s so important to constantly feel inspired by others when you want your individual style to grow. You are only going to see growth within yourself if you find people to look up to and get inspired by them. I always cut out pictures of outfits near my closet and hang them there for inspiration. Next, is the obvious… shopping. When I mean shopping.. I don’t mean actually purchasing clothes.. just browse! I think it’s so much fun to go shopping and look at all the new merchandise in the store. It gives you new ideas on how to style your own outfits and what is in style! With that being said… don’t focus too much on what is in style (I’ll write another blog post on this later). To wrap this up, I think it’s so important to find inspiration in your life. In my case, it’s clearly geared towards fashion but you can use these tips with anything. Xo 

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