Mad for Maman coffee 

Last week I went to the cutest coffee shop in SoHo after class. They have a huge selection of different coffees, lattes, and teas. I also got a salad when I went and it was delicious. If I’m being honest, it wasn’t my favorite coffee shop I’ve ever been to but I’m happy I went. It’s super trendy inside and very lively with all the different plants. I wore my Free People sweater dress, my Free People earrings, and my Free People rose gold clip in my hair. I want to start incorporating more hair clips into my outfits because I think they are adorable and add extra detail to any outfit. I know so many vintage shops that carry cute hair clips and stores like urban outfitters and free people that carry many cute ones also. I’m going to California for spring break and want to find more hair accessories for my outfits. Stay tuned for more coffee shop blog posts.. because when am I not at a coffee shop? Let’s be real. 

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