Forever in floral 

As you can tell by my Instagram I am totally obsessed with coffee shops. Lately more than ever I’ve been drinking so much coffee to keep me awake during my school week. There are so many cute new cafes I have went to in the past month so I wanna make a blog post soon all about my new favorite cafes in the city. Last week I went to the cafe called Bakeri (yes I am spelling it right) in Brooklyn. Let me tell you… this was the cutest coffee shop I have ever been in. The whole entire coffee shop was filled with floral wall paper.. even in the bathroom! Plus they had one of the best chai tea lattes I’ve ever tasted and delicious pastries. I’m totally stopping by sometime soon because it was the perfect place to get all my work done. I accidentally matched the coffee shop by wearing my Free People floral sweatshirt and my American Eagle jeans. This outfit was completely perfect for a coffee shop because it was super laid back and comfortable! Stay tuned for a blog post soon about all my favorite coffee shops in the city. Xo. 

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