Very groovy 

I’m super behind on blog posts because I’ve been super busy with school and just focusing on other responsibilities in life but I’m finally back!  Two weekends ago I went to the beach  just to take a break from the crazy city. It felt so good to relax and breath in some fresh air for once. I wanted to go for a more laid back look so I wore my Aerie Fur vest, my Wildfox graphic t-shirt, my LF boyfriend jeans, my friend Erica’s fake glasses, and my Steve Madden booties. I’ve been obsessed with cool glasses lately and especially the “fake” glasses trend. I’m seeing so many celebrities and models wearing the different colored aviators and I’m totally in love. I know Free People has super cute aviators this season that remind me of something that would come right out of the 70s. New York City is still super super super cold so you definitely won’t see me wearing spring or summer clothes anytime soon. Stay tuned for more 70s winter looks like this. Xo. 

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