Let it snow 

One of my favorite things ever is surprisingly snow, especially in New York City. I didn’t have class until later today so in the morning my friends and I explored around SoHo (the usual). We ended up going to some super cool rooftop to snap some pictures of the city during the snow fall and it was the prettiest view ever. Watching the snow fall down on the city was breathtaking! In the photos I’m wearing a LF embroidered butterfly denim jacket, a Free People black sweater, LF black waxed jeans, and my pink Vans. I’m completely in love with this denim jacket and as you can tell from my latest blog post.. I love embroidery. I’ve always been so drawn to detail in outfits so I love anything hand stitched or    any form of intricate detail in clothes. My next project is going to be purchasing cool patches to put on a jean jacket. Places like the Vintage Twin and other trendy vintage shops have adorable patches to put on jean jackets. Stay tuned for more looks like this and lots of denim. Xo. 

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