All about bomber jackets! 

One thing that I noticed during my winter break is that I 100% can’t stay away from cities. As you can tell from my latest blog posts, I spent a majority of it in Philadelphia. A few days ago I went into Philly with my two friends from college. My friend Liv and I actually both wore embroidered bomber jackets! I love how we styled them completely different ways and both outfits look so trendy. Liv’s bomber jacket is from Pac Sun and her jeans are from Hollister. I totally love how she paired her New Balance sneakers with her girly outfit. Lately I’ve been obsessing over sneakers and I notice that I’m pairing them with everything now too. For my outfit, I’m wearing a Forever 21 bomber jacket, a ATM black velvet dress, Free People camouflage socks, and my black Vans. Bomber jackets are perfect for the Winter because they’re a great layering piece and you still look adorable. I always have trouble in the winter with staying warm and looking stylish at the same time. It’s kind of hard to look cute sometimes when you have 100 layers of clothes on but bomber jackets are def the answer to keep you warm while still looking trendy! 


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