Keeping it casual 

The title of this post speaks for itself! Yesterday I went into Philly and kept it super super super casual. I wore a Free People green patched Army jacket, Monrow gold star sweatpants, and Vans. I use to be so against wearing sweatpants out in public, literally I use to act as if it was a crime. I think with the whole athleisure trend becoming popular this past year, I’m now constantly seeing bloggers and celebrities wearing stylish sweats out in public. The Kardashian/Jenner family is known for wearing sweatpants with heels and I honestly think that’s the coolest trend. Designers like Monrow and Danielle Guizio are known for thier stylish sweat outfits. The blogger Weworewhat was just wearing a Danielle Guizio sweat outfit in her latest blog post and she looked so darn cute. I have to say I’m totally not complaining about this trend; the fact that sweatpants are in style is totally a dream come true! Who doesn’t love to be comfortable? 

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