My new go to shoes! 

Lately I’ve been totally obsessed with sneakers; whether it’s a pair of classic converses, new balances, or vans… I’m totally about it! When the weather gets super cold, I tend to dress more comfortable and love to bundle up.. so I love to just throw on a cute pair of sneakers and jeans and call it a day. In the picture above I’m wearing my new pink high top vans from and I paired them with white socks that say “day dream” on them from Free People. Vans are 100% going to be my go-to shoe this winter and spring! Right now I only own two pairs.. but there is still so many more cute ones that I want! Down below are a few of my favorite ones that I have been eyeing up:


Of course I had to start out with the my favorite vans; the classic pink ones from! Even though I already own these, these are truly my all time go-to shoes right now. They look so cute with pattern socks and jeans.


When I saw these I totally fell in love because I’m obsessed with anything metallic and shiny! These slip on vans are super comfortable and I totally dig the metallic finish. These shoes are from


When I saw these on urban, I completely fell in love with the fringe and suede. I’m already an avid wearer of Army green to begin with and a huge fan of anything suede.. so these shoes are totally me! I think I also saw these shoes in a tan color in the Vans store before too.

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