Fun tights for a not so fun week 

As you know for many college students.. the end of the semester is the most dreadful part of the year! Between long exams, term papers, group presentations, and endless hours of studying.. everyone just wants to go home. Yesterday to brighten up my day I wore tons of glitter and decided to dress up. I feel like when I look nice and dress up, I feel less tired and more productive throughout the day. I know not everyone feels this way but for me it truly helps me feel more put together when my outfit is put together. Yesterday, I wore LF gold booties, star and moon tights from Target, a black velvet dress from American Eagle, a Brandy Melville cream long sleeve top underneath of the dress, and my Free People army embellished jacket! It was a perfect outfit for this super cold weather and I’ve been obsessed with printed tights and socks lately. Free people has sooo many cute stockings and socks out right now and also basic stores like Target, Forever 21, and H&M have cool tights too! I love tights in the winter time because you can pair them with cute dresses and skirts, and still feel super warm! 

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