The best holiday market in NYC! 

Before I go back home to New Jersey I’m trying to fit in as many Christmas oriented activities as possiable in NYC! This Saturday I went to the Union Square Holiday Market and it was the most festive place ever. If you haven’t been yet, it’s a total must before the holiday season ends. The market consists of many many many different stands that are all set up. They have jewelry, unique gifts, Christmas ornaments, food, and much more! It took me over an hour to walk the entire market and look at each stand. If your planning on going, you should 100% get some hot cocoa while you are there to stay warm in the chilly weather. To the market I wore a Free People hoodie that had sequin embellishments on the shoulders, a black plain turtle neck underneath, jeans, boots, and a Vanessa Mooney necklace to add some detail to my outfit. I 100% dressed more for warmth in this outfit rather than cuteness! Stay tuned for more of my Christmas adventures in NYC! 

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